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Top Ways to Convert Leads


Building a huge list of warm or qualified leads is a fantastic and very worthwhile pursuit for any business. If you can do this effectively, then you can build a massive list of people who have shown an interest in your business and who are presumably likely to buy from you. But this is only going to get you so far. Eventually you going to need to think about how you can convert those leads and turn them into paying customers. So how do you take this step and what can you do to convert your leads? Here are some [...]

Top Ways to Convert Leads2019-08-26T11:47:35+10:00

Lead Scoring and CRM Software


Lead generation and sales is very much a science. Once you calculate this down to the finest detail. It becomes a process that you can repeat indefinitely and that you can fine tune in order to get the very best results. This becomes even more true when you have a website and you are managing your leads through CRM (lead management software). This then allows you to use ‘lead scoring’ and to identify who is most likely to buy from you and who is most worth the effort communicating with. Understanding Lead Scoring and CRM What contact management/lead management solutions [...]

Lead Scoring and CRM Software2019-08-26T11:44:53+10:00

Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence is Vital for Leaders


Emotional intelligence is defined by the ability to understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of those around you. This particular quality provides you with a variety of skills like the ability to maintain relationships, influence and inspire others, and how to navigate social networks. To become an effective leader, you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence. Here are some of the most essential reasons why emotional information is vital for leaders. Self-Awareness Great and useful leaders that have high emotional intelligence are that they are self-aware, and they can recognize emotions as they happen. This [...]

Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence is Vital for Leaders2019-08-25T08:45:27+10:00

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Skills and Increase Your Emotional Intelligence


The term "social skills" is incredibly broad, but it is also used correctly in the context of emotional intelligence. When it comes to emotional intelligence, your social skills refers to how you handle and influence other's emotions effectively. Emotional intelligence starts with your understanding of your feelings and being able to effectively manage them to achieve your goals. When you can understand and manage yourself, you can begin to learn how to understand the feelings of others and how to influence them. Here are five ways that you can improve your social skills to increase your emotional intelligence. (1) Work [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Skills and Increase Your Emotional Intelligence2019-08-25T08:37:19+10:00

Top 5 Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads


When you’re a digital nomad, you truly are free to travel anywhere you feel. The world is your oyster and you can stay on the road for as long as you like – until you’ve bled the Earth dry of every incredible thing that you want to see. But with so much to choose from, where do you begin? Of course everyone will have their own ideas but here are five destinations to definitely consider checking out… Zadar Zadar is an area in Croatia that is a brilliant spot for digital nomads for all kinds of reasons. For one, it [...]

Top 5 Travel Destinations for Digital Nomads2019-08-25T08:33:10+10:00

7 Benefits of Becoming a Digital Nomad


Ever thought of becoming a digital nomad? This is someone who works online, which thereby gives them the freedom to travel the world and work from anywhere they choose – whether that’s a coffee shop or a bar on the beach. If you’re still undecided though, then hopefully these 7 benefits will help you to make your mind up and take the plunge! 1 You get to see the world This is the biggest and most obvious benefit of being a digital nomad – you get to travel and to see the world. There’s so much out there that’s incredible [...]

7 Benefits of Becoming a Digital Nomad2019-08-25T08:30:55+10:00

Why Stress IsnÕt Always a Bad Thing


If you’re trying to breathe and stay calm in more stressful situations and generally remain cooler under pressure, then you’ll often be approaching the idea of stress as something ‘bad’ that you need to ‘fix’ or address. Actually though, this is the wrong way to think about stress and it’s even responsible for some of the issues associated with it. The perception is that stress makes us less confident, less able to make decisions and generally weaker. But the reality couldn’t be further from that. In fact, stress actually makes us much stronger and also improves our performance in various [...]

Why Stress IsnÕt Always a Bad Thing2019-08-25T08:28:53+10:00

How to Tap Into Flow States for Flawless Performance Under Pressure


A flow state is a near-mythical psychological state that makes us calm, alert and highly able to react and respond to what’s going on around us. Flow states are the mental states we go into when we’re hurtling down the side of a snowy mountain on a snowboard and they’re the state we enter when we’re able to quickly respond to a falling object and thereby catch it in the nick of time. Flow states also give us the ability to stay fixated on work without distraction, or to lose ourselves in conversation to the extent that we don’t notice [...]

How to Tap Into Flow States for Flawless Performance Under Pressure2019-08-25T08:27:32+10:00

Top Branding Mistakes That Are Making Your Business Suffer


Creating a consistent brand for an online business is a highly effective way to get more customers and clients, to increase awareness of your organization and to generally propel yourself to new heights. Having a strong brand will create many more opportunities for you and will mean that every aspect of your business helps to strengthen every other aspect. But creating a brand isn't easy and that's why there are so few sites on the net that have that strong presence and identity that they need. Here are some of the most common mistakes that companies and individuals will make [...]

Top Branding Mistakes That Are Making Your Business Suffer2019-08-25T08:24:53+10:00

How to Use Content Marketing to Become an Authority in Your Niche


Once you've created a brand for yourself, the next job is to start making that brand worth something by creating a reputation around it that will encourage people to seek you out and to order more of your products and services. The idea here is to build your brand to the point where people consider your logo and/or your name to be a 'stamp of quality' so that they know they can trust you. People will then seek you out to get your opinion and at that point, selling will become considerably easier. This is essentially how you become an [...]

How to Use Content Marketing to Become an Authority in Your Niche2019-08-25T08:23:38+10:00