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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Deadlines


Setting and meeting your deadlines is a huge part of whether or not you are productive or not. Setting deadlines and achieving them is an art that you can learn with some patience and practice. However, common mistakes can quickly derail your productivity and leave you struggling to meet your deadlines. Here are five common mistakes you want to try to avoid when setting deadlines. Not Writing the Deadline Down It's no big secret, that what we don't see, we often forget. It is vital if you want to meet your deadlines, to write them down on a calendar or [...]

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Deadlines2020-09-21T15:33:12+10:00

Meditation is Rooted in How Your Mind Works


There are a lot of misconceptions regarding meditation and, by extension, mindfulness. A lot of people are under the impression that you have to have some sort of mystical religious belief for meditation to work for you. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you practice meditation, you are tapping into processes that are already happening in your mind. You're not imposing something new onto it. You're not trying to make it do something that it normally doesn't do. Worse yet, you're not trying to get it to do something that it won’t do. Instead, it's already proceeding in [...]

Meditation is Rooted in How Your Mind Works2020-09-21T15:33:24+10:00

4 Reasons Why You Need to Utilize Time-Boxing to Improve Your Productivity


If you find it difficult to manage your time and get your tasks done during the day, you may need to start utilizing a time management technique known as time-boxing. Time-boxing requires you to allot chucks of time to each of your tasks. Once your allotted time for a task is up, then you need to move onto the next task. Here are four reasons why you need to utilize time-boxing if you want to become more productive. To Prioritize Your Tasks More Effectively If you have trouble prioritizing your tasks, then time-boxing is a technique you'll want to utilize. [...]

4 Reasons Why You Need to Utilize Time-Boxing to Improve Your Productivity2020-09-21T15:33:35+10:00

You Don’t have to Become Some Sort of Mystic to Benefit from Meditation


There's a lingering stereotype about people who practiced meditation or some form of mindfulness. In the eyes of too many people, mindfulness practitioners are entering some sort of mystic or religious space. They believe that if you close your eyes or you recite an inaudible or silent mantra that you are necessarily praying or engaging in some sort of religious or spiritual activity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mysticism is very different from meditation. Typical meditation, and I’m not talking about meditation derived from spiritual practices, I’m talking about basic meditation, is all about becoming aware of your [...]

You Don’t have to Become Some Sort of Mystic to Benefit from Meditation2020-09-21T15:33:44+10:00

3 Simple Ways to Use a Calendar to Increase Your Productivity


There has been plenty of discussion about how a calendar can fit into one's productivity system. The general rule is that you add scheduled appointments to your calendar, and your tasks should be placed into the task management system that you use. However, what often isn't discussed is precisely what appointments you should be putting in your calendar to maximize your time best and ensure you're staying productive. Here are the three types of appointments you should add to your schedule to create an effective productivity system. General Appointments These are the regular appointments that you may schedule throughout your [...]

3 Simple Ways to Use a Calendar to Increase Your Productivity2020-09-21T15:33:54+10:00

The Top Three Niches That Marketers Target


While there are countless different niches out there to make money from, three of them get more attention and are more popular than all the rest. These are: Fitness Making money And relationships These three topics are the most popular for new bloggers, the most hotly discussed on sites like Warrior Forum and the most ‘tried and tested’ when it comes to making big money. So what is it about these topics that makes them so popular? And what are their big strengths and weaknesses? Let’s take a look… Making Money Making money online is a hugely popular niche for [...]

The Top Three Niches That Marketers Target2020-09-21T15:34:07+10:00

How to Create High Quality Video for Your Course


If you’re creating a training course or program to sell as a high ticket item, then there is a very good chance that you’ll be including at least some video. Customers like receiving video in these packages because it allows you to convey a lot of information very quickly, it looks professional and it’s engaging and personal. The only problem? Creating high quality video isn’t easy if you don’t know how. Read on and we’ll look at how you can create video that’s worthy of a high $2,000 price tag! Use the Best Equipment The first and easiest way to [...]

How to Create High Quality Video for Your Course2020-09-21T15:36:32+10:00

Explaining Leads in Terms of Dating


Understanding the lead life cycle, lead generation and ‘lead scoring’ is one of the best things you can possibly do for your business if you want to increase your turnover, revenue and profits while also increasing the brand loyalty and trust you get for your business. The problem is that too many people don’t think about leads and instead focus just on sales. They believe the aim of their website is to convert as many visitors as possible and to maximize their sales. The irony is that this actually ends up driving away a lot of potential customers and actually [...]

Explaining Leads in Terms of Dating2020-09-21T15:34:17+10:00

How to Turn Negative Feedback Into Positive Results


Having a success mindset means taking risks and it means putting yourself out there. It means taking chances and being willing to fail. And when you do all that, you’ll find that sometimes you do fail. Sometimes people laugh at you. Sometimes you lose a lot of money. And this can hurt a lot. Sometimes, it feels as though you will never be successful and that other people seem to have it all figured out. But let’s take a step back for a moment. Because most of the successful people you know and most of the successful people in the [...]

How to Turn Negative Feedback Into Positive Results2020-09-21T15:34:32+10:00

Why Timing is Everything in Sales


One of the key concepts behind lead generation and the lead cycle is timing. Managing your leads correctly is all about understanding what point your readers are at and how they are likely to respond to your offers at any given time. This is key to understand but too many people overlook it. Very often, we think about sales in terms of who is likely to buy from us and who isn’t. Someone is either a likely buyer, or they aren’t and there is no in-between! In fact though, someone can be likely to buy one day and not likely [...]

Why Timing is Everything in Sales2020-09-21T15:34:42+10:00
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