With all of this email activity and people using email, have you ever considered the security of your email account?

Imagine this:

You use your smart-phone to receive emails regularly.  You are out to dinner and all of a sudden you receive a notification that there’s been a suspicious log-in on your email account.

Your stomach is in knots by the time you finish reading the message.  You gulp down your meal and rush to a computer.  It’s already too late.  Your account has been jeopardized.

Now you have to spend hours (and days) trying to re-claim and secure your personal information like your bank and credit card accounts, PayPal or other payment processing accounts, social media accounts, business accounts (and messages) and so much more.

Most people think that it couldn’t happen to them, but it’s actually far more common than you would believe…

Think about everywhere that your email account may be used to sign up for accounts, or even plastered publicly due to poor privacy settings in various networks (not your fault though).

Consider what might happen if someone were to gain access to a pool of usernames and passwords that signed up for something like say, a forum.  They might then run through the email accounts connected to the usernames, and try the specified password for each.

This could spell catastrophe for you, not to mention all of the other people as well.

The thing is, you can easily take a few seemingly simple precautions to secure your account immensely.  Putting into practice just a few techniques and setting up a few things on the back end, and you can lower the chances of a successful attack from a hacker an infinite amount.

Furthermore, if you take the time to secure your account (and associated accounts – as you’ll see), then in the event that your account is compromised, you will easily have the tools and skills to swiftly reclaim your account and your privacy as well.