While technology has advanced greatly in the last 20 years, we still do not have time machines.

There are many things that were conceived by science fiction writers, that actually came true. Arthur C. Clarke is best known for his book, “2001 A Space Odyssey.” However, the idea for satellites for communication was proposed by Mr. Clarke in a series of papers he wrote in 1945.

The idea of playing with time and being able to travel backwards, was first written about in 1733 in a fiction work by author Samuel Madden.

There are many reasons why time travel is so appealing. The ultimate reason, is to correct the mistakes that were made in life.

While time travel is not available to us at this point, time management is something everyone can do. Before we get into managing time, let’s clarify exactly what it is.

To be realistic…

 There is no way to alter time. We can fool ourselves by turning back our clock, but time keeps marching forward. Therefore… in reality we cannot manage time, we have to manage what we do with it and that comes by managing ourselves.

In this course, we will discuss 21 valuable ways to manage yourself and make time work for you.