What is List Building?

List building is the process of building a mailing list and this is something that any business or marketer should be adept in. So exactly is a mailing list? That would be a collection of emails that you will acquire through a website and/or through other means and which you can then use in order to promote and sell products.

The great thing about these lists is that they consist of people who have willingly given you their e-mail addresses and thus given you permission to contact you. They will have visited your website or blog, so you know they’re interested in your niche or whatever it is you are trying to sell. What’s more, the fact that you can message them at will means that you will be able to develop a relationship with them, building trust and interest to the point where they are feverish to buy.

It’s for these reasons that list building is widely considered to be one of the most effective tools available to businesses as well as internet marketers. Any marketing ‘guru’ will recommend this as one of the most important methods available and potentially it is the best and easiest route to making big money online.

The only problem is that building a massive email list isn’t necessarily as easy as you might hope it would be. That’s where this book comes in to help you build a massive and relevant list quickly. In just 30 days, you’ll have a list that’s 1,000 strong and EVERYONE on that list will be a potential buyer who will be interested in everything you have to say and everything you have to sell.

1,000 broken down is just 34 subscribers a day. Achievable? You bet! In just a year, you could very well have a list of 12,000 subscribers.

So congratulations, in buying this book you have taken the first bold step towards dominating e-mail marketing. Are you ready to take the next?

The Benefits of List Building

So what is list building all about? Why is it so powerful and such an important tool for marketers?

It comes down to a few factors. Most importantly, list building gives you the means to contact a huge roster of relevant potential leads and customers. This is what will then give you the means to start e-mail marketing – which is actually a huge asset on your journey to getting profits and sales. E-mail marketing is one of the most profitable types of marketing available and one of the most popular. Just take a look at the statistics:

E-mail marketing has a ‘return on investment’ of 4,300%

91% of web users check their e-mail AT LEAST once a day…

When surveyed, companies rate e-mail marketing as being more profitable than: PPC advertising, content marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, mobile ads, social media marketing or direct marketing!

66% of US consumers above the age of 15 say they have made purchases as the direct result of an e-mail campaign…

1/3rd of consumers say they open e-mails based on the heading alone!

Perhaps the most outstanding of these figures is that amazing ROI (return on investment). How can e-mail marketing possibly net you 4,300% returns? Of course the answer all comes down to the incredible low entry price. Building a list costs you very little as you will see – but because you’re communicating personally with an audience that wants to hear from you, the conversion rate is very high.

There are other ways you can perform e-mail marketing of course, with the most popular being the use of ‘solo ads’ – adverts that you send to existing lists. Otherwise you can simply gather e-mails from various sources and create a list that way that you can contact ‘cold’.

In every case though, using proper list building techniques is by far the preferable scenario. Why? Because it means that the readers will have actually given you their e-mail addresses. This creates a subtle but VERY powerful psychological shift. Instead of being annoyed to hear from you, they will be expecting to hear from you.

When they see your name in their inbox it will spark recognition and they may even then be excited to see what you have to say. What’s more, they will have read your website or they will have seen you on social media – already you will have then demonstrated yourself to be a good authority on your subject and you’ll already have demonstrated value to that audience.

What’s more, because you’re not contacting your audience through another platform such as Facebook, you completely control the relationship and there is no way that changes from above can cause you to lose your contacts.

Once you’ve done this and you have built a large list of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, the next step is to then monetize your mailing list and to get your readers to become customers. You don’t do this right away though – this isn’t a simple matter of sending a message out and begging everyone to buy your product. Instead, you need to think carefully about how best to approach your list, how to establish a relationship and a rapport with them and how to get them to look forward to your messages and to trust what you have to say.

This is the other BIG advantage of building a mailing list – it allows you to reach your audience right in their inbox at any time of day with a personalized message. This personal touch then has potentially a much greater chance of getting them to where you want them to be psychologically.

The absolute masters of email marketing will use a sequence of e-mails that gradually builds anticipation for their product, that develops and establishes trust and that then eventually hits home with a highly converting sales letter. This is the kind of mastery you’ll have learned by the end of this book!

What You Will Learn

Throughout the course you will learn several things that will help you create and leverage powerful mailing lists. This will include:

  • How to set up and create an autoresponder and opt-in
  • How to encourage people to sign up with an opt-in form, incentives and landing pages
  • How to drive traffic to your site to drastically increase your numbers and your conversions
  • How to communicate with your list to get them hanging off of your every word
  • How to monetize your list with your own products or affiliate sales
  • How to get people to actually buy
  • And much more!