Money is always a hot topic. The question is…have you ever looked at money closely? Paper money and coins have a bit of history imprinted on the front and back. Take the $100 U.S. bill for example. It has a picture of Benjamin Franklin on it. Franklin was known as a universal man – he studied many different subjects and worked in different fields such as writing, invention and politics.

What many people may not know, is that Benjamin Franklin was a very early pioneer of self-improvement. He set very elaborate goals and carried a small chart with him, so that he could track his progress. With so many interests, Franklin knew that he had to keep track, analyze his progress, and shift course when necessary.

When Benjamin Franklin had difficulty in making a decision, he put the matter to rest by employing the method of two lists. He would take a piece of paper and draw a line making two large columns. On the left side, he would put the reasons why he should do something and on the right side the reasons why he should not. You can use this method for simple decision making, however if it is a tough decision, you may need to strike out answers that are similar on both sides and end up with the best answer on both sides. From there it is hard crunching time to get the best possible answer.

Give it a try for whether or not you should even make goals. On a piece of paper, on one side, write down 10 reasons why you should make goals. On the other side, write down 10 reasons why you shouldn’t make goals. It is highly unlikely that you will come up with 10 solid reasons why you should not make goals.

Now it is very probable that making and setting goals is something you have decided to do. Why not put 100% into it and start creating your 90-day plan to crush your goals. The 90-day plan is perfect for anyone in business, whether you work outside the house or you run a freelance business from your laptop. The 90-day program is great for personal use too.