Everyone is always talking about time management. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for many of us and so the belief goes that if we could squeeze a little more productivity out of our time, we’d be able to accomplish our dreams, earn more money, stay more organized and enjoy more time off.

It all sounds great, except for one thing: the entire endeavor is completely misguided. Sounds harsh but in fact it’s also completely true. Your problem is not with time. You have plenty of time. If you didn’t have plenty of time, you probably wouldn’t have been able to watch that entire boxset of [INSERT TV DRAMA HERE] would you? And you likely wouldn’t have spent so long on YouTube…

The problem isn’t time – it’s energy. Your energy, just like your time, is finite. Only it actually exists in somewhat smaller quantities meaning that it’s all too easy to run out and end up completely exhausted. And that’s when we start to use our time poorly and not get much done.

Think about it: imagine if you could jump out of bed feeling energetic first thing in the morning. What would you do with that extra hour of productivity? Hit the gym maybe? Make some calls? Do last night’s washing up so that you could live in a house that wouldn’t always be untidy?

Remember when you were a little kid and you could just run around all day without ever seeming to get tired? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could get that back?

That’s what we’ll be looking at in this course…

What You Will Learn

So what will you learn in this e-book specifically? Here are just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • How to assess your own energy levels
  • How mitochondrial function contributes to your energy levels and how to get back the mitochondrial function you had in your youth
  • How to use supplements to give yourself a ‘competitive edge’ when it comes to energy
  • How to choose superfoods that supercharge your energy
  • How to avoid foods that drain your energy and slow your body down
  • What type of training you can use to increase your energy
  • The role of stress in energy management
  • The secrets to a perfect night’s sleep and how this leads to enhanced energy
  • How habits and morning schedule contribute to your energy
  • How more energy makes you perform better – and even be smarter!
  • And much more!